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Steve's Paddling Page

This is a landing page for just about anything I want to put up that's related to paddling. Just browse the links below to see what's here.
This page is still (or always) under construction, and I'm migrating other pages to it, so feel free to check back later.

Steve paddles over Little Falls on the Rondout Creek
Little Falls on the Rondout Creek
photo © Cameron Klinger

Site Index

A graphical index of all pages on the website, with brief descriptions of what's there. Partly a tool for my own convenience, it's a convenient way to find evrything that's on the website.

River Directions

A list of links to Google map directions for many popular rivers.

Kayaker's Home Page

This is a customizable home page with links to sites that I find useful for paddling information. To customize it for use as your own home page just follow these instructions.

KCCNY is the Kayak and Canoe Club of NY, and my local paddling club. I've found it to be an excellent resource for instruction, pool sessions, and meeting other paddlers to go on trips with.

Northeast Paddlers Message Board

A message board that was one a great resource for paddlers in the northeast, it's another casualty of facebook. It's still agood place to buy or sell gear.

Esopus Creek Flood
Pictures of the Esopus Creek at 14,100 cfs. The Esopus is runnable at about 750 cfs and starts to get fun at about 1000. For the most part it gets bigger, faster, and pushier, but not harder with more water. A friend and I paddled from just above route 42 down to Boiceville at about 9.5 feet on the Cold Book Gauge, which is about 6000 cfs, and had a blast.

Esopus Creek Strainer
Pictures of a strainer on the Esopus Creek. A beginning kayaker drowned here, in class 1 water at about 750 cfs.

Z Drag
This is a diagram of a Z Drag hauling system. The Z Drag provides a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage and can be used to release pinned boats and for other rescue purposes. You need proper instruction and lots of practice to set one safely, effectively, and quickly.

ab257's Whitewater Page
No need for me to reinvent the wheel on my own page. AB257 has already put together a wealth of information, including descriptions of several popular northeastern rivers, clubs and message boards, places to shop for paddle gear, and lots more.

Deerfield River Guide
A description of the Zoar Gap (aka Fife Brook) section of the Deerfield River (in northwestern Massachusetts, if you didn't know), courtesy of Zoar Outdoors. The page has links to a description of the Dryway (Monroe Bridge) section, and the release schedule. Of course there are also links to their outfitters shop and instructional offerings.

Mongaup River Trip
Mongaup Trip 2

Some pictures from the KCCNY trip on April 19, 2008. This was the first recreational release in 3 years, and my first time on the Mongaup. The second set is a few shots from another trip and a bit further downstream.

Rondout Creek

Another Rondout trip

And yet another Rondout trip

The Rondout Creek has a couple of sections. The upper section is in the headwaters shortly after the creek starts in the southeastern Catskills. These pictures (and a couple of video clips) are from the lower section, between High Falls (the village and the actual waterfall) and Rosendale.

Stony Creek Canyon
Pictures from a joint KCCNY and AMC trip to the Stony Creek Rendezvous, April 25 to 27, 2008. About thirty of us spent the weekend in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and ran the Stony Creek Canyon on both Saturday and Sunday. Four of us managed to get away early on Friday, and ran Wills Creek before continuing to Johnstown.

Tohickon Creek Videos

Tohickon Creek 3-09

A few short clips of my friend Scott and I running Hat Rock on the Tohickon Creek during the November 2007 release, and pictures and video from the March 2009 release.

Wills Creek
Very low water pictures of Railroad Cut Falls, on Wills Creek. Some pictures of Railroad Cut Falls at a low, but runnable level can be seen in the Stony Creek Canyon pages.